Hightower Products, LC. is a dedicated producer of mold releases and paste waxes intended for use in
polyurethane-, roto-, tire- and rubber molding process.

Hightower Products is a relatively new name in the mold release market, but we have a rich history that has allowed us to deliver cutting edge technology in a very short time.

This steep development curve is a result of the talent and experience that our team brings to the table.

From the technical and production side we have a group of individuals that each has over 20 years of experience producing raw materials that are the backbone to most modern mold releases. This team of experts has been producing mold release building blocks for years; with Hightower Products we have the conduit to channel this expertise into final products for you the customer.

Matched with this group of manufacturing and product development experts we have an equally experienced team on the outside that provides technical support and sales engineering for our customers. This team also brings accurate information back to the technical team to ensure that we develop products as efficiently as possible. The outside support team is made-up of individuals that each has many of experience as well.

We are supplementing both teams with young talent that will ensure that we continue to grow and improve well into the future.

Hightower Products has a unique blend of technical expertise with very low overhead.

We do not have the bloated corporate structure that must be paid for with overpriced products.

We are also not a cut rate formulator that merely blends other companies raw materials to make a final product that is neither understood nor whose quality can be ensured.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to assist you in solving your release issues - no matter what industry you work in.